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My Tool has a false positive


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I sent him the steps to add an item to the allow list but he says he will not do that and that I should get the program whitelisted(so here I am) 
I will of course not be dropping a file here on a public forums but if you do actually want a copy of said program to test it against malwarebytes let me know.
sorry for the chopped up message, when I tried to post the whole thing the forums would not allow it.

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well here you go.
I personally don't see how you can whitelist a small indie developer like me as I am not a registered company, I am just a lone dude on the internet. I actually only posted so I could cover all my bases and I could say that I tried but thanks for the help so far.
Here is the zip


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Here is the detection log for staff.


File: 1
MachineLearning/Anomalous.95%, C:\MALWARE TEST NO WD\PIXELCHARACTERMAKER1.2\PIXELCHARACTERMAKER1.2\PIXELCHARACTERMAKER.EXE, No Action By User, 0, 392687, 1.0.52391, , shuriken, , C856FA6FDEC6705F53A5B4AA8C419550, D34BA40C0B74D51108506EC6428549A7102E7F6D25538BCDED6470182515C3B0

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Something to note as well is that once a file is exported in png format the files H1.exe and H2.exe are triggered to convert the exported file into .png format(the language I used(Blitz3D) can only save as .bmp)
Of course nobody here has got that far because the tool does not even open. But I am just thinking that they might trigger as well seeing as how most antivirus programs trigger at a program activating another program.

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