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Malwarebytes Flags Something as Gamehack.


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Hello everyone!

Me and my friends have a day called "Security Sunday" which we have every 2 weeks.
On this day, we do full scans of our computers and make sure everything is up to date.


This time, my computer flagged something and I immediately removed it, prior to that I copied it to my Documents folder and ran a Virustotal scan on it.

When I did the scan, Malwarebytes was the only one to flag it and digging deeper down it appears that its from Shaders for Roblox.


I am reasonably sure that its safe, but I wanted to take your input incase Malwarebytes, apart from being the only one flagging it was right. (Better safe than sorry.)


Here is a link to the virustotal scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ed908d00e269ffda5fc503dffe1dcb0ed63a457a4400d65008169604dff13ffc/detection

I've checked all the information given and it reasonably seems safe to me.


Thanks again!

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** I didn't empty my Recycle Bin during the scan, and Malwarebytes picked it up in the Recycle Bin.
I emptied the Recycle Bin before the scan finished and removed threats and the aftermath was a corrupted recycle bin.

I followed Windows' directions and got it repaired, I'm starting to get concerned if this is a big issue.

Thanks again!

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