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Malwarebytes Android Alert / Pop-up Screen Question

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My Android device is a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Snapdragon.

I have Malwarebytes Premium for Android installed.

I was playing a game (Deemo II) and decided to use headphones via USB-C. I re-inserted the dongle a few times with the game still open, tested the volume keys, and all of a sudden I received a pop-up (shown in attached file).

It was more like an overlay on top of the game while it was running.

The picture attached is one I took in landscape mode - When in portrait mode there were no apps listed at the bottom, and the only way I could close the overlay was by tapping "CLOSE".

This is alarming as this is the first time I have experienced this, and no alerts are shown in the Malwarebytes app.

As this might be a one-off occurrence, I am asking if the overlay in the picture is something that Malwarebytes does, if this is some kind of error, and / or if I had hit a button combination with the volume keys to trigger it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Screenshot_20220310-214015_DEEMO II.jpg

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Hi @CatsnDogs,

Congratulations!  You stumbled upon our secret combination of key pressing and cord plugging to activate our advanced Ransomware removal.  In the event you actually had ransomware, our support team would have walked you through this exact combination.  It is meant to overlay everything, especially ransomware that otherwise would lock the device.  Obviously, you can just ignore this since you don't actually have ransomware.  It's just an added feature to help customers with a locked out out from ransomware.


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