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I know I'm just in the trial version and about to upgrade to the active paid version, but I wondered if you would mind a feature request.


I like the "Security Advisor" icon that reports "Everything looks great!" and shows Real-Time Protection icon.

But when over on the main GUI, there is a message saying "No scans scheduled" with a message saying regular scans can keep your mac running smoothly with the option to schedule.

I'm wondering if that also belongs over under the box displayed when the security advisor button is toggled. The information certainly seems to be in the same category.



I'm wondering if (besides being in the menulet dropdown at the top) if you could add similar "Last Protection Update Checks" display under the "Real-Time Protection" box. It seems like that info fits right in with the fact that Malware Protection in ON and App block is ON. Or maybe the status of checking for protection updates is turned on or off.  I know that is also under the preferences, but just feels like a good thing to display in that box.

Forgive me if these have been suggested before. In transparency, I've always used the passive (free version) but feel the time is right to upgrade and am looking at this through new eyes.

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  • Staff

Security Advisor is definitely getting lots more functionality in the future, including alerts if you're paying for Premium but haven't got a scheduled scan set up. This is more of a preview of what's to come.

Regarding the menu bar icon, that menu is going to be reworked completely. I can't give a timeframe for that, other than "later this year." 🙂

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