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Purchasing License- MacOS App and questions

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I'm currently running the trial version. I see on the website the option to buy either a single for family version with the family version covering 5 devices. I also see you can buy using the internal method from within the mac app itself but the option is for 3 devices. 

  1. Is the 3 only available via the app?
  2. I see a user manual online, but does one exist you can download as PDF or is it all just online?
  3. Is there a way to drag an drop a file you downloaded to trigger a scan? Or does the real-time protection just automatically scan the downloads folder.
  4. Does the app only look for Mac Malware or does it cover windows too (to avoid passing something along).


Thank you and I really like what I see so far. Thank you. TR, I've followed your advice for a long time and appreciate all you.

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1. When I click on "Activate" I get the following dialog box.1814739928_ScreenShot2022-02-09at5_27_03PM.thumb.png.6a95f1e76f7f86d06b2050d18864a507.png

2. I am not aware of a downloadable PDF manual. I find it actually pretty simple as apps go.

3. No, you cannot drag a file to the app in order to trigger a scan. The Premium Real-Time scan will look at every new file in your Download folder.

4. Only current and known macOS malware is detected.

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Thanks Al. Nice to see you over on this.  You get around!!! Always value your advice. 

Is the 5 only available via a website purchase then?  

I'm assuming the 3 is a special deal thru the app?

Again, thanks for taking the time to answer.

I've always wondered about your icon with the red mac face, lol, you've got to share the story some time :)

Goo1279412528_Screenshot2022-02-09203520.thumb.png.b7d692740de105c42126d5f722b94bad.pngd to know. My only follow-up is that on the MWB site, I see these options..

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  • Staff

No matter where you purchase - within the Mac app or on the website - once you click on one of the options, you have the ability to customize the exact number of devices, as well as choose 1 or 2 year subscriptions. Note, though, that you may not see exactly the same thing as someone else. It can depend on things like locale.

The in-app purchase on Mac is really just a web portal that should show the same thing you'd see on the website. 😁


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One last question, when you buy the Premium version, that's adding the real-time protection? I'm not interested in Browser Guard, but it looks like that's part of what you get under the Premium purchase looking at the graphic above and what I see on the website? Since I don't see that in the trial, is that added? I see it's downloaded on the mac app store.

Just confused about what I'm getting with the Premium purchase. All I really need is the continuation of what I get with the trial.

Sorry, maybe I'm missing it somewhere..

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The purchase is only for Malwarebytes Premium. Malwarebytes Privacy is separate
Malwarebytes Browser Guard is free and can be used by anyone who wants and is totally separate from Malwarebytes; it can be used by premium and free users as well as those who don't use Malwarebytes at all

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  • Staff

You're absolutely correct that Premium gives you exactly what you have during trial. As the others have mentioned, Browser Guard is free regardless. It's not actually part of a Premium purchase.

BTW, I'd strongly advise using Browser Guard, even if you're not interested in the ad blocking. It will also block malicious sites.

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  • Staff
On 2/17/2022 at 5:53 PM, Kehrer said:

Sweet. This is taken care of :) After purchasing via the website, then I need to register them on the main portal?

There's not a hard requirement at the moment to create an account on my.malwarebytes.com, but it's a good idea. That allows you to manage your licenses, see what devices are using each license, remove devices if you end up in a situation where you've got an old unused device you want to replace with a different one, etc.

It's also possible with most of our products - and soon to be possible with all - to activate your license in the products via an account rather than a license key. That's something we're going to be putting more emphasis on in the future.

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