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AVC Website detected has false positive


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The website https://asianvolleyball.net is flagged by Malwarebytes Agent, and therefore, the access is denied.

According to the VirusTotal database, CRDF has also flagged the website to be Malicious, a report has also been done to them.



2022-02-08 09:55:22,278+01:00 [23716] [33] INFO  NebulaCommunicator Post to Nebula - Id: 481649bc-7c8a-40ed-af61-4c804d6e20bd - Created: 2/8/2022 9:55:22 AM - Size: 771 - Data:
	{"user":null,"job_id":null,"schedule_id":null,"schedule_etag":null,"type":"RTP_STREAM_EVENT","data":"{\"status\":\"blocked\",\"clean_status\":\"blocked\",\"type\":\"OutboundConnection\",\"threat_name\":\"web\",\"source\":\"mwac\",\"date_detected\":\"2022-02-08T09:55:21+01:00\",\"location\":\"asianvolleyball.net(\",\"detection_id\":\"d8b54027-88bc-11ec-94c1-e03f491638d0\",\"url\":\"asianvolleyball.net\",\"ip\":\"\",\"port\":\"443\",\"process_name\":\"C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Mozilla Firefox\\\\firefox.exe\",\"app_display_name\":null,\"protection_technique\":null,\"protection_layer\":null,\"exploit_md5_hash\":null,\"md5\":\"\",\"sha256\":\"\",\"rule_id\":\"-1\"}","user_job_id":null,"started_at_local":"2022-02-08T09:55:22.2732669+01:00"}


We want to request to Whitelist this website.


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