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Malwarebytes 4.14 beta

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Hi, all!

We've just released Malwarebytes for Mac version 4.14 in beta. There are two main changes in this release.

First is the initial release of our Security Advisor feature. This is extremely simple for now - it just warns you if the real-time protection settings are off - but will be broadened in the future to show all manner of insecure Malwarebytes and system settings and conditions that need to be addressed. Please let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

Second, this release should (hopefully!) fix the issue with the installer getting stuck for many hours on macOS Monterey on some systems. We're not 100% certain this will fix the issue, as we've never found the magic sauce for reproducing the problem. Please let us know whether this does or does not fix the issue

You can update to the beta within the app, with the Beta Application Updates feature turned on, or you can download the installer directly from here:


Please reply here with any comments, questions, and problem reports!

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Hello Thomas:

I ran a final scan, with the soon to be uninstalled v4.13.5.4414 Malwarebytes for Mac Premium installation, from my MBP18,1 M1/ARM64  system. As expected, a demand manual scan took about 5 seconds for ~178,400+ objects followed by my manual license deactivation for safety. The Help Menu based Uninstall Malwarebytes, followed by a precautionary macOS 12.2 (21D49) Monterey restart was unremarkable as expected.

I downloaded the digitally signed v4.14.23.4561 package archive and uploaded it to VirusTotal just to make a record. The install seemed to take about 5 seconds. A subsequent premium license activation was immediate and I adjusted the app's preferences to their previous settings and all went fine. As expected, the first manual demand scan required the scanning cache to be re-populated (43 seconds). And again, a subsequent manual demand scan took ~5 seconds for 178,430 objects. The new installed app was also found to be properly digitally signed and notarized.

An examination of the new Security Advisor window seems to be off to a good start and temporarily disabling protections responded with good indications/notifications.

Because of the much discussed display "notch", some users may elect to deny an icon in the Mac's menu bar due to limited space. Unfortunately this takes away our ability to demand a database only update. Perhaps a database update item could be moved to just below the Check For Updates... pull-down item in the Malwarebytes Menu.

After a fresh install, such as this one, how can an average user know what database version their app is running as it won't be in a new install's Activity log?

Congratulations to the team and thank you as always!

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In the current designs, there's no way to see the database version, and as you pointed out, there's no way to force an update without the menu bar icon. There are some new designs in the pipeline, and I can't say when they'll be arriving, but that feedback will definitely be considered as we're working on those designs. 🙂

Thanks for the feedback!

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I agree with  @1PW  on the suggestion about displaying the DB version; a suggestion I had already made a long time ago
I've never considered the only way to update, if the icon was missing; I've never had that space problem and I think having the Malwarebytes icon is a Must Have, an added value for my Mac (having seen how well it works, finding a malware, specifically an ad-aware on a friend's computer, a lawyer, most likely, after the 14 days trial is over will proceed to purchase Malwarebytes - the best advertising is working well)
The new alert works correctly for me too
I can't give any feedback on installation troubleshooting because in my case it never occurred. 
Congratulations to  @treed  and to all the team, and thanks as always for protecting our favorites


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Yup, I agree on the importance of the menu bar icon. Fortunately, there are ways to manage menu bar icons on an M1 Pro or Max MBP so that the ones you really want will be visible, but it's kind of a pain that you have to do that now. I think I probably have an icon or two that are under the notch... but, I guess, if I don't know for sure, that means I'm not missing those particular icons at the moment. 😀

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3 hours ago, Amaroq_Starwind said:

Will a native ARM build be developed so that users won’t need to rely on Rosetta?

It's already a universal binary (Intel/Apple Silicon) for a long time


This screenshot is taken from the following web page https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038521514-Malwarebytes-for-Mac-Product-Lifecycle

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