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False positive "compromised" jeangreenhowe.com


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We are a website development company and we developed the website at https://www.jeangreenhowe.com/ (IP address: ). We host it via a reseller hosting package with Tsohost.co.uk. It has not been updated for some weeks and was all working fine, but as of today my Malwarebytes Premium v 4.5.0 on my Windows 10 PC has started blocking it via my web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) saying it's blocked due to being "Compromised" - see attached screenshot. I also found I could not access the site via FTP for same reason. I disabled Malwarebytes and have checked the site files manually and cannot see any suspect files. I have also scanned the website using the following malware scanning websites and ALL of them report the site is clean (URL includes scan results in some cases):  


I therefore assume this is a false postive by Malwarebytes. Can you please therefore urgently updated your software to stop this site from being wrongly blocked.




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I just saw your response as I logged in to the forum today - as I was concerned that I had not as yet received any update. So I have two further comments:

  1. Why did I not receive an email alerting me to your response on Friday? I am following this topic and have received email notifications from malwarebytes to another recent issue I reported - so I don't understand why no email notification was issued for this one. And yes I have checked my spam filters/folders and there is no sign of any email notification from you.
  2. Your blunt response "The IP is blocked for recent port scanning brute-force attacks" may be factual, but it is completely and utterly unhelpful to me as a non-technical person. I have to ask- what has caused that and what can I do to fix it  - or more specifically, what should I request that my hosting provider does to fix this?  Please respond ASAP, and please try in future to be more helpful in your responses.


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Hi Gareth,

It does appear as though your server or hosting provider had been compromised.

A server I host received unsolicited traffic from trying to access wp-login.php (WordPress login page). My server is brand new and not advertised on the internet, so it looks like your server is performing some form of scanning. You may want to inspect your server or contact your hosting provider to have this repaired. Hopefully the malicious process is limited to scanning, but it could do a lot worse.

Here's the log entry from my server, of that helps: - - [20/Feb/2022:11:05:10 +0000] "GET /wp-login.php HTTP/1.1" 404

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