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Good explanation as to why Poweretc.com is blacklisted !

Go to solution Solved by BjelakovicL,

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Ok, what part of the code in this file should you block the site for: ?

/*! Fabrik */ require(["fab/fabrik","jquery"],function(n,d){n.buildChosen||(n.buildChosen=function(n,i){if(void 0!==d(n).chosen)return d(n).each(function(n,e){var o,a=d(e).data("chosen-options");o=a?d.extend({},i,a):i,d(e).chosen(o),d(e).addClass("chzn-done")}),!0},n.buildAjaxChosen=function(n,e,o){if(void 0!==d(n).ajaxChosen)return d(n).addClass("chzn-done"),d(n).ajaxChosen(e,o)})});

Please advice how this code that I wrote is in any way Malware???

I think you need to fix your malware detector, because it's obviously not working properly.
You obviously are having a clearly false positive here.

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Hi Simon,

I know you're stressed but there are multiple other vendors detecting this file too. I believe this is the portion that is being flagged as malware. I could be wrong, I don't code in javascript. I've requested a second opinion from a colleague would know which section of the file was considered malicious


That portion seems to be seen around 4 other javascript files on VirusTotal with a detection rate of about 15/58.




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