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not filtering what I think is very obvious spam text messages?

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I've got MalwareBytes for iOS installed on my iPhone.  I have Settings->Messages->Unknown & Spam set to "Malwarebytes" with the check mark, as the instructions say to.  However, I'm getting LOTS of spam texts that are extremely obvious... stuff like "You just paid your phone bill, click on this link full of random characters" and "Here's a free gift, click on this super-sketchy link to claim it" and other stuff like that.

None of my text messages appear to be filtered, as there are no entries in the "Transactions" or "Promotions" or "Junk" buckets.

It seems more like Malwarebytes isn't actually doing any filtering at all, because it's hard for me to believe that NONE of these texts would get trapped/identified correctly.

Is there some set of things i can to do try and confirm that the filtering is actually working?

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9 minutes ago, ljwobker said:

Am I in the wrong place?  I'd expect this to be the correct place to ask about the software not working as expected on iOS devices?

Your in the "right" place but unlike the Windows version there are not many here to assist.

Please contact our support team at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to get help Please submit only one ticket/request.

Be advised it can take 3-7 weekdays for a response after the automated reply with your ticket number.


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If you can send me some of these messages via direct message, I can get them in front of our research team. What I would need is:

  1. The sender of the message (either phone number or whatever else is shown as the sender)
  2. The full content of the message

You can get the full message content by opening the conversation in Messages, long-pressing the message bubble showing the text, and tapping Copy.

Please make sure to send this via DM rather than posting here.

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