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Issues Deploying Malwarebytes to MacOS via Meraki Systems Manager

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I'm trying to deploy Malwarebytes to our organization via Meraki Systems Manager MDM. 

Found this document that says I need to provide kernal extension and approve Full Disk Access via the MDM and they provided a Malwarebytes_Protection_profile_10_15.mobileconfig file that is supposed to set up that configuration. 






So I made sure that device was tagged and the profile deployed, then created an App profile to deploy the custom app using the install file from my Malwarebytes Dashboard. But after that the Malwarebytes only partially installs. The full install shows this:


But on my test laptops I only get these installed. 


Also on the manual install I see these permissions under Privacy, but not on my test laptop that was deployed via Meraki Systems Manager. 



Any ideas for troubleshooting? I've created Support Tickets with both Meraki Systems Manager Support and Malwarebytes Support but no luck resolving it yet. Any help is appreciated, thank you. 

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Thanks @Porthos. My Support ticket number is: 3687147.

The Malwarebytes Support tech reached out to me this morning with the suggestion to convert the .pkg file to a .dmg file and try again.

I converted a folder with the .pkg file into a .dmg file, created a new app profile in Meraki Systems Manager, uninstalled on my test laptop and installed via the new app profile and it worked! All the apps installed that previously had not installed and I now get the "Start Threat scan option."


The only thing I can think of that's missing is a lack of the Malwarebytes permissions in the Full Disk Access folder. Do you think this could cause any issues regarding the protection/functionality of the product?

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