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Long standing issue, please help

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For the past few years now someone has been accessing and modify video files on my pc.  Malwarebytes and windows defender has never detected anything, even after going from windows 10, to windows 11 with a clean install it still happens, it is likely that the person is on my local network.  Programs I use often are chrome, mplayer-hc, madvr, software from topazlabs, Adobe software.  Nothing is pirated.  I have many hard drives and it is likely that something could be installing when one is plugged in, or coming from onedrive when it’s active.  Also I have tried having the Ethernet unplugged and it still can happen, like a timed payload.   I also have purchased a Mac and it seems like it is happening on here as well.  I assume maybe keylogger and ssh, my networking equipment is likely compromised at this point. Please advise, let me know where to start.  Thank you.

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Hello @Frozen19

How do you know a video file has been modified?


Lets just go with your thoughts for a moment.

  • Being able to successfully attack a router, a Windows PC, and a Mac computer would take a very very advanced technical person.
  • Who are you, that someone with extremely advanced computing skills that could potentially be making a very good living using those skills, would want to attack your system?
  • What is on your system of very high value?
  • Why would someone with skills well above the vast majority of most people be willing to spend days, weeks, months, years attacking just YOU?
  • Why would they modify just your video files?
  • How could they modify video files without you noticing huge spikes in network bandwidth data being used?
  • If they modified the file locally, it takes a long time to modify video files and consumes huge amounts of CPU / GPU resources, how would you not notice that live?

My point is that what you suggest is not very realistic and why I ask you why you think your files are being modified in the first place?

Even if your computer was completely and fully open to someone else without any restrictions. Why would anyone spend the equivalent of months of work in modifying video files over time? You can hardly pay people to do that kind of work let alone someone do it just as a joke or to annoy someone.



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Glad we could help.

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Thank you



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