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Is the VIP Circle being phased out?


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Hello. I signed up for the Malwarebytes VIP Circle when it launched in 2019 and have enjoyed engaging with the platform. I experienced an issue redeeming points a few months ago, so I reached out to the contacts listed for Malwarebytes and Zuberance (including the platform's contact form). I know that life is chaotic and everyone is running behind in their jobs, so I have only pinged once each month, but I still haven't heard anything. It feels slightly like the captains abandoned ship and didn't tell the passengers. Is the VIP Circle being phased out?

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Hello @zgerber08

I've requested further information from the team internally. I'm told they've been having some technical difficulties. Hopefully someone will reach out to you within the next couple of weeks. Most of the company is on vacation until after the New Year.

Thank you and Happy Holidays


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Thank you for responding and reaching out to your contacts. I have not heard from representatives since September 2021, and other users are commenting with similar concerns that the site is abandoned. Someone on the VIP Circle team occasionally sends emails inviting us to complete new challenges. If they still intend to retain the current userbase, this would be an important time to attach a message along the lines of, "We're still here and we still believe in this platform, but we're experiencing gift card and communication issues. Don't give up on us."

Like I said, I know that we're all overburdened at work and at home. I have no doubt that spam accounts have complicated company efforts by abusing the point/card system, but many of us are just Malwarebytes fans that jumped at a chance to engage with the brand. No matter the state of the initiative, it would be respectful of members' time to provide an update. I hope the VIP Circle team is healthy and well 🙂

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