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RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch reported on old .jpg files


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These scan results showed up today. This particular result started showing up earlier this month on the earlier version of Malwarebytes Pro. Several scans have found different files in the Camera Uploads folder in Dropbox. I have not quarantined any or removed any. The scan results vary and sometimes tag older files or newer ones. Are infections actually present? False positives? A scan on 12/5 found one of these type files from 2015. I took no action to quarantine or remove it but I did look at the file - a photo. That file no longer shows up in these scans.


-Log Details-
Scan Date: 12/27/21
Scan Time: 2:31 AM
Log File: b88758d4-66f7-11ec-9c8d-f4b7e23924ca.json

-Software Information-
Components Version: 1.0.1538
Update Package Version: 1.0.49034
License: Premium

-System Information-
OS: Windows 10 (Build 19044.1415)
CPU: x64
File System: NTFS
User: System

-Scan Summary-
Scan Type: Threat Scan
Scan Initiated By: Scheduler
Result: Completed
Objects Scanned: 433685
Threats Detected: 14
Threats Quarantined: 0
Time Elapsed: 35 min, 22 sec

-Scan Options-
Memory: Enabled
Startup: Enabled
Filesystem: Enabled
Archives: Enabled
Rootkits: Disabled
Heuristics: Enabled
PUP: Detect
PUM: Detect

-Scan Details-
Process: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Module: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Key: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Value: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Data Stream: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Folder: 0
(No malicious items detected)

File: 14
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2018-10-18 13.03.26-1.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , A66544AF6577E2123C19E80DBD09C03C, AE84C787D11F3C1EAABBDD15DAB108D5700C0CCD9B9D2DE80AE117995795B570
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-06-15 20.27.15.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , E3370E3143ED1FB77D356F688F2EBB2A, DA2D6FF6AA7B28AA5D8E1B9C1F1AF9221B929741761A72B965911C97C338FA8F
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-06-17 22.10.40.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , CF6BD456CEEB441485537644E99F503C, 782DAD2E54495F247D103B8390BF207A7FDB8746D993E71133CF7C93A9AE13EC
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-07-12 17.07.20.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 4F4D6AAE016B5EF63E2CE5154DA0506B, 6646B83AA2122C32C103C39CF0756DD3819E576F45043CE694888A9E99C70544
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-07-12 17.09.05.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 541E136C345A51A59DF0E5CB64C6FF4F, A6E545944E220E890DD58C234418FB0412CE001C4BFE8D6E6CB7567C0862E5BE
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-07-12 17.09.25.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , C14A9D2DCCB63859ACEDF43773C130C1, FFD46E09A6443A1F2CF6694BA67DF64380CA622BC4FEDD1A7FC991F52E54E5B5
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-07-12 17.09.26.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , FD5271FB12A778CA0E46A2D8E1EBD1F7, 8415276E6F73E8A9A525E612E07E81FBD95C245A3836F0644AAAABC4667163CD
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-08-02 18.22.55.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , AC2E22923AF0FF2C47734E783E2A9404, D35E79F8B41E891D1B77259C19FF17427D032D14525E38A123B760063F415935
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-08-02 18.23.16.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , FD52E8DFF5E917C017DABFDBA608D1BA, 874E772EDF3DC6B338577329DDDF5F1E9B2DC255A23FB20BCA36DB7FA30B88D2
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-08-04 17.00.14.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 9AE438344D823F3299C9C05E4BA276A0, 3A5BCA56E2184EA95A84B348F4BEB9F4BE4FF0793EA816473517B49AEE85ADB4
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-08-04 17.13.46.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 55437C0A727214ABEB744FA953CBE69B, 795CDDF495287C0D853A4FE6CA206AC2ED76995705A1F7563D89CA06894DF7B1
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2019-08-09 20.22.14.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 5C3EE7F6513462BC55182255BC5908D1, ADB3F47D75FE26A1AF4549E9C43EEF0F520B1DB978E93618B2774DEDB405D6B8
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2020-04-02 13.31.44-15.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , 25D032B369E43F4D525D483C23D6353B, B98475362282B7188A0DFD35E462399B1DD4FEF3B93AD3316A9C2CC9FF2D3850
RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2020-04-02 13.34.30.JPG, No Action By User, 11499, 79314, 1.0.49034, , ame, , CB476DAE6A472841C636E167CE223EA1, EA06CCCACBE79CFE558FD3E1E5CAE315CA2893AC4716FE306055582D3ADC0978

Physical Sector: 0
(No malicious items detected)

WMI: 0
(No malicious items detected)


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Per the suggestion from shadowwar, I found each of the 15 files that were flagged in the last scan (a more recent scan than shown in my original post containing 14 files) as having RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch. As in my original post, they were all .jpg's from different years. I created C:\TempCAMERAUPLOADS. I moved each 15 files from C:\Users\JohnA\Dropbox\Camera Uploads to C:\TempCAMERAUPLOADS using cut and paste. The next scan ran and found no detections. I cut the 15 files from C:\TempCAMERAUPLOADS and pasted them back into C:\Users\JohnA\Dropbox\Camera Uploads. I ran a scan. There were no detections. I am pleased with the result but scratching my head about how and why this happened and then didn't.

My current Malwarebytes environment:
Malwarebytes version
Update package version 1.0.49268
Component package version 1.0.1538

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Re the last reply, unknown what caused the problem that seemed to be resolved by moving the files out and back. There have been no detections of the type I mentioned since December - until today. 11 image files from my Dropbox Camera Uploads folder. Dates of images between 2016 and 2018. Several different types of pictures - nothing in common, not touched by me in several years. Might there be some data in the detection line that could help inform of the cause? I won't post the whole scan download (unless requested), but here's one line:

RiskWare.ExtensionMismatch, C:\USERS\JOHNA\DROPBOX\CAMERA UPLOADS\2016-08-22 15.53.48.JPG, No Action By User, 11497, 79314, 1.0.50969, , ame, , CEB66B061DAFD0C426D768114551BFD6, 417F9ECC89715991C769D4391398A38DF03172BBB00034590242F340CEAFBB17

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