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quaranteened items - not sure


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i am new to MBAM.  i found 2 items in quarantine, so i deleted them.  Later, i thot they might?? be important, so restired them from recycle bin.  But they are now under history in detection history.

Sorry if confusing - like i said - i am new to this forum - still learning.

Guess i just wanted some input as to whether these 2 files were actually malware.


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Thank you miekiemoes,

when i restored 2 files from recycle bin, it does not seem they are malware.  I didnt understand the extension for both --  .EX_

Appreciate the input.  I have used Kasp. for years - just getting to know MBAM.  As i figure out running the scans etc, i am gaining confidence in MBAM.

Merry Christmas.

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  • Staff

Yeah, unsure about that extension either, but both were cabinet files (.cab), so it's an archive format. Once extracted, it gave me the ftp.exe and fixmapi.exe.

Thanks for putting your confidence in MBAM. As you probably know already, as with every Antivirus, false positives might happen, this is because we try to improve our detection engine as much as possible to catch the most recent threats where a "traditional" signature won't always help. That's why machinelearning engines are implemented to help with this to even catch malware we don't know about yet! And that's why False Positives might always happen, but we have this under control and the engine is learning every day from it!

Merry Christmas to you too!

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Thanks for the help.

I gather the 2 files sitting in c/1386  - are OK.  If not please inform - otherwise - guess this is closed.

I don't mind the safety net the ...Engine provides - I'll just have to leave suspect files in Quarantine, till i have more light on them.  This best forum ive ever been on - & over the years i've had a few security suites.  Keep up the good work.

All this best this Christmas season.

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