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Hello @brcd:

Earlier last week an issue occurred with a Malwarebytes server that was resolved by Wednesday morning U.S. Pacific Time. Your Mac likely required a system restart to complete the full resolution.

Please restart your Mac now followed by a Malwarebytes -> Check For Updates... and see if all is well. Also, your Mac's Malwarebytes for Mac Protection Base should have updated to 4.0.571.

Please reply to this topic with your results.

Thank you.

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36 minutes ago, brcd said:

Is that the same as the Mac Protection Base?  If not, where would I find it?  Many thanks for the help!!!

The successful update of anti-malware definitions can be found (with the version number) among the reports if you have not removed them (I often do this, mistakenly)

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Hello @brcd:

That's great news! Indeed later model Mac's Malwarebytes for Mac applications should be version To check for the last protection update version:

  1. Launch the Malwarebytes for Mac application GUI.
  2. In that opened GUI, select the left-most card called Detection History.
  3. Near the top of window that opens, and if not already underscored, select Activity log.
  4. Nearest the bottom, set the "Filter list by kind:" to Updates and check the topmost/latest entry.

That most recent Protection entry should be 4.0.571.


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