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phishing? What could they gain from sending messages like these


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Getting many messages that someone is trying to change my password on outlook or on FB.

All they say is to click on yes it was me or no that it was someone was trying to hack the account.

Checking the actual   from and return address shows that they are clearly not from MS or FB.  EG mispelling like 0 for O or an extra letter like S added where it could be missed as part of the real name.  

But if one answered such an email,  just what could be their advantage except to know that the email exists and is active.

I get SO many spam and phishing messages anyway does it really help them enough to know that a specific one is active/

Seems like more work than it is worth. 

Ideas about what this is really being done for ?

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6 hours ago, veryparanoid said:

 just what could be their advantage except to know that the email exists and is active.

'Verified email address, reacted/replied to communication.' - That's information that can be sold to mass marketers, so probably what they are up to.

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If you're certain it came from Facebook you would reply that NO it was not you.

However, at that point do not go any further or reply to any followup emails and DO NOT change your password from any request by email.

On a computer known to be clean and not infected manually load up Facebook and manually change your password. Setup multi-factor authentication if it's not already setup

Never ever change your password simply based on an email request. Manually always go to the website without clicking anything in an email and check or reset your password on the website directly


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