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Browser Gaurd marked scams

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6 hours ago, Epic said:

Can someone please pick this up?

Only the staff can remove a block and they aren't normally in on weekends, but should be with you in an hour or so.

Still waiting on a screen-shot so the staff can tell what type of block you are seeing.


17 minutes ago, Epic said:

Is there a way i can manually check a website, with an online tool or something?

You can check a reputation block by uploading it toVirusTotal using the URL tab, which is actually a requirement outlined in the instructions for this forum, but there isn't a site to specifically test against a Malwarebytes product.

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I can get to either one of the named websites without encountering any problems.

Accessing shows me that access to the server's root directory (could be used for exploitation) is possible, but you have disabled directory displays (not a problem).

Attempts to access are met with an error message which indicates that you do not have a valid certificate, and I am offered the option to fall back to http access or abandon efforts (problem if you are a commercial site UNLESS each named site has its own certificate when accessing them directly).


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I am assuming you attempted to provide a printscreen of the "postmark," but it is a blank page.  If you read our block message, you will see the name of the site that is being blocked and the reason why it was blocked.  The reason indicates that the offending site was causing too much chatter between the browser API and the user, which is often indicative of an infected site attempting to make the user behave in a certain way.  Because it is poor coding practice and possibly suspicious, we blocked it. Inspecting further, while the site has no relevance to a commercial site offering bedding for children, I cannot block the "postmark" without reason to do so.

The blocked site has been whitelisted.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

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