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Malwarebytes identifies this IObit registry/PC tuneup utility as a PUP.  I recently acquired this software and after a reboot, when I attempt to run it, malwarebytes blocks it. Further, it seems that the executeable for the program (ASC.EXE) has been quarantined as an RTP detection event. My question: does this mean I need to create an exception because of the nature of the relatively low level hardware BIOS access that the utility performs or is this a formal declaration by malwarebytes that malwarebytes considers this utility malware?  I acquired the software on the recommendation of a knowledgeable tech - a former Microsoft and McAfee employee, uses it on all of his own computers and on his current employer's networked systems. . 

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1 hour ago, GLincoln said:

I acquired the software on the recommendation of a knowledgeable tech

I think you need to find a better tech.That program and other "tune-up/optimization" programs cause more harm than any perceived good.


This company here was also stealing Malwarebytes Intellectual Property

1 hour ago, GLincoln said:

My question: does this mean I need to create an exception

Yes, If you insist on using it.

To exclude these items you need to perform a scan (a Threat scan or Hyper scan should do) and then at the end when it shows the list of detection's, uncheck any item that you do not want removed and click Next.  When prompted on what to do with the remaining unchecked items, select Ignore Always and they will be added to your exclusions and will no longer be detected by future scans.

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I've done my share of bench work, break/fix, and general I.T. work wearing various hats. I had never heard of IObit before receiving a recommendation. I had a semi-catastrophic sudden SSD primary drive failure last July on the PC in question. I did a clean install and put a lot of work into rebuilding the workstation.  It is (mostly) back to normal now.  Fortunately for me, all my work product is stored to and saved to secondary drive and backed up regularly to an external so most of my  loss was the operating system, program configurations, personalizations, etc. The software appears to have cleaned up some of the accumulated debris from the reinstalls from delivered version and several rounds of updates - without doing any harm - and the system boots a bit faster now.  The tech who recommended it is an experienced and competent tech, and a personal friend. He also runs SpyBot Search & Destroy and AVG on his systems.  I run Malwarebytes and Windows Defender as my combination.  I've been a Malwarebytes advocate for a long time, have seen Malwarebytes 'save the day' more than once.  Accordingly, my loyalty to Malwarebytes exceeds my interest in IObit software so I have uninstalled their offering.

Having your proprietary hard work IP stolen sucks but never forget, in the long run, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. 


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If you do need assistance with cleaning or repairing a system please let us know. As for doing a clean, fresh install of Windows 10 Greg has an excellent article on doing so.


Greg Carmack - MVP 2010-2020 -Clean Install Windows 10

How to Create a Local Account While Setting Up Windows 10





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