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YTD DOWNLOADER is not a virus or malware!

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Can I please get some assistance on how to add You Tube Downloader to what might be called a Whitelist. I know that the unsubscribed version has adware but I have a 2 more years that I payed for in advance with them and the subscription removes the adware. YTD downloader is one of the most trusted youtube downloader utilities since forever. I understand why your program is causing it to delete it the moment I run the.exe but I do need a hand, since I'm new to the Malwarebytes family of software. I have a current subscription with your total internet secruity and I purchased your VPN software as well because Total internet secruity only gives you 200megabytes which is just about 3 minutes of rabbit trailing while doing research. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, I count on YTD downloader for my Power Point presentations and research. Thank you

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1 hour ago, electrikshadow said:

I have a current subscription with your total internet secruity

We do not have anything called total internet security.

Could you post a log from Malwarebytes showing the detection.

To get the log from Malwarebytes do the following:

Single click on the Clock icon above Detection History.

In the new window select Report

Double click on the Scan log which shows the Date and time of the detection

Click Export > From export you have two options:
Copy to Clipboard - if seleted right click to your reply and select "Paste" log will be pasted to your reply
Export toTxt - if selected you will have to name the file and save to a place of choice, recommend "Desktop" then attach to reply

Please use " Copy to Clipboard " then paste the contents here in your next reply

Please double-click on one of the block entries shown in the image you posted to view the report, then click the Export link on the bottom left of the report and select Copy to clipboard, then paste the contents here in your next reply so that we may take a look and advise you based on what it shows.


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  • Root Admin

Hello @electrikshadow

You can find Scan and Protection logs within the Malwarebytes 4 program in the following location




RTP stands for Real-Time Protection and is where automatic protection operations would normally be logged




If you click on the View option you should get something similar to the following with other options available.






Thank you


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