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Offline Windows XP removal

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Dear Malwarebytes.

I have an old offline wiondows XP machine that has a virus. there is no way to connect to the internet (it has no ethernet, or wifi, or any virus protection), and I want to remove the virus with Malwarebytes, from memory back in the day there was an offline installer that worked on windows XP, is there a possibility to get the downlaod link for that again? even if it is a trial version?


With kind regards,




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Hello @DanielStar69    :welcome:

Curious to know, what has determined that there is a virus ?

Please know that (a) Malwarebytes has to be installed on Windows in order to run.

-b  you will be using a old & non-spported version of Malwarebytes version 3.5.1

-c you may download it from this link

- d once downloaded, copy to a USB flash-drive.  Take to the XP system.  Then run the mb3-setup to install on XP system.


Just exactly where is this "virus" located ?  How do you spot it ?  Can you provide a file-name & path of location ?


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Hi Maurice,

thanks for this. I found the virus threat as whenever I used as usb stick in the computer I tracked that it was automatically attaching files to the drive. Using the USB in a protected computer afterwards flagged the virus response. 

Malwarebytes was installed successfully and the computer was de-wormed / all the trojans were killed. 

With kind regards,



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Good morning.

A "USB safe use" tip:

Before connecting /seating the USB-device into the USB port, press & Hold the SHIFT-key on the keyboard until connection is fully seated.  That will prevent any autoruns from USB device.


The USB can be scanned using Windows File Explorer right-click context menu.

Looking at the left-side folder tree, right click on the USB drive-letter  and select "Scan with Malwarebytes".


I am curious to see the scan-report of your last scan of XP machine.

See if you can locate the scan report from Malwarebytes ( on the XP box)  and then relay back here that report.

In Malwarebytes.
Click the Reports button ( on the left )
Look for the "Scan Report" that has the most recent Date and time.

When located, click the check box for it and click on View Report.
Then click the Export button at the bottom left.
Then select Text File (*.txt)

Put in a name for that file and remember where the file is created.

Then attach that file with your next opportune reply back here.


I would suggest that you consider getting & running the Malwarebytes Adwcleaner version 7.4.2  to run on the XP box in order to check for potential adwares & potentially unwanted items.

There is a download link to version 7.4.2  on this support link https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039579393-Windows-XP-and-Vista-compatibility-with-Malwarebytes-AdwCleaner

Let me know the results from that run.

Let me know if you need other help.


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