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Malwarebytes Believes Windows Firewall is Disabled Upon Startup

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Some background - After starting up my computer, Malwarebytes notified me that all protection was disabled due to an error and I had to download a support tool to fix Malwarebytes. Pressing any of the "turn on" buttons for security features in the Security Advisor did absolutely nothing. It might be worth noting that the computer initially failed to start and I had to restart it before I was able to use my Desktop (This was because my power went off during the day - this happens every time the power goes out and the computer isn't shut down beforehand.)

I ignored the program's recommendation to download the support tool and restarted the computer. This fixed all issues but one - when Malwarebytes is opened after a restart (tested this through many, many restarts), it will say that Windows Firewall is disabled. pressing the "Check Settings" (Forgot what it actually was, something like that) opened up the "Check Firewall Status" menu in Control Panel and the warning will disappear. In this menu, the firewall is shown to already be enabled.

After another restart I launched Malwarebytes and, as expected, it said Windows Firewall was disabled. I then went into Windows Defender to check the firewall status, and it said everything was on. Meanwhile, Malwarebytes said it was not. Opening the same "Check Firewall Status" menu in Control Panel also showed that the firewall was enabled, and after a few seconds, the Malwarebytes warning disappeared too. Attached below are images of this. Interestingly, the Malwarebytes icon on the system tray will not have a ! nor will it give you a notification when it thinks the firewall is off; you have to open the application to see the warning, and even then no ! on the system tray icon nor notification will appear.

It's worth noting that I have not launched Malwarebytes in months which means its possible this issue has been going on for months.

Attached below are 5 Images. The first shows the warning message displayed in Security Advisor after launching Malwarebytes. The second shows the Malwarebytes system tray icon lacking a ! and the third shows that there were no notifications. Those screenshots were taken after launching Malwarebytes. The fourth image shows Windows Defender saying the firewall is on, while Malwarebytes said it was not. The fourth shows the "Check Firewall Status" in Control Panel stating that the firewall was on aswell, and that this made Malwarebytes realize that the firewall was, infact, on.

I'm fairly certain this is merely a visual bug on Malwarebyte's end, but I wanted to post it here just incase these are the symptoms of something far worse.






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