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Rat remain after format #2


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It is resolved. We do not see anything on the system. You say it's there, the logs and scans do not say it's there.

Not exactly sure what you want us to help you with at this point

If it really truly is a UEFI infection there is no known way to remove it at this time without replacing the motherboard


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It was resolved.  You presumed a Remote Access Trojan which by definition, is a Trojan and not a virus as you falsely presumed.

You "believed" a RAT existed but could not provide any proof such as a beaconing to a particular IP or an encrypted data stream when no applications were running or some other evidence of actions a RAT exists.

RATs are high level applications that rely on OS or Virtual Machine constructs (such as the JRAT Adwind).  They do not exist after a Wipe and OS reinstall.

You did not just get Free Assistance but you were assisted, not by a volunteer, by a Malwarebytes' Employee.  Not just any Malwarebytes' employee, the Forum Root Administrator.  He patiently tried to assist you on an a PC that was at least 10 years old and where you were trying to run Windows 10. 


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