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Questions on Oneview notifications


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I am trying to better organize the notifications we receive for clients on the Oneview platform.  Ideally, I'd like notifications that mean we have to physically "do something" to automatically create tickets in our CRM.  To do THAT, I need to control the subject line of the notification emails to contain the client email, which is the identifying field in our CRM.

I can do this now, by making notifications that only apply to one site (client), then specifying the subject line as needed (like this:  "Threat Detected - name@clientdomain.com").   This means, though, that for every client I add to Oneview, I would need to make a new set of these notifications.   Before I start down this path, I have some concerns about how scalable this feature is.   It works now with only a handful of sites, but will the platform continue to work well if I have, say 700 notifications defined?  Even though this would be a ton of work to setup and maintain, it might be worth it to get the automation I'm looking for.

Is there a better way?  Are there any system variables I could use in the subject line that would allow me to have only one set of notifications that apply to all sites?   Could I set a subject line something like this:

[Threat Detected - %siteprimaryemail%]

If so, then I would just need to make sure that the identifying email in Oneview is the same as the identifying email in my CRM - a much easier job to setup and maintain than creating new notifications for each site added.

What do you think?

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Support confirms there is no access to any system variables in a custom subject line.  :-(

Support also confirms there is no design limit on the number of allowable notifications, so having 700 should work just as well as having 5.

This is a ton more work on our end to maintain that, but hopefully it's a one-time setup for each client and we'll have to write it off as the price of automation.

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