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Possible Malware infection in MacBook

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Issues Faced :

- Keychain constantly asking for password 

- Safari keeps on asking for not a robot verification, whenever I search for something

- My MacBook is slower than ever before

I have scanned my Mac with Malwarebytes, but there were no detections found

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 13inch


Please respond to this query as soon as possible. 

Thank You

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Doesn't sound like malware to me. Under what circumstances is keychain asking for password?

Safari does not ask for robot verification, that is coming from the search site you are using.

Follow Diagnose problems with your Mac to see if there is a hardware issue causing slowness. Use AppleCare if you purchased it. Sometimes re-installing macOS will solve such issues https://support.apple.com/HT204904.

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  • Staff

I've got to agree, there are tons of legitimate reasons why these things can happen that are not malware related.

The Safari one is something that can be peripherally malware-related, as this kind of message involves Google seeing unusual activity from your network and wanting additional confirmation. However, this usually involves Windows malware. (Network-based detections almost never know anything at all about Mac malware.) There are a few possibilities.

First, there could be an infected Windows machine on your network. If you don't have any Windows machines, make sure your network is properly secured and that no neighbors are using your network without your permission or knowledge.

Second, your internet service provider (ISP) probably assigns you an IP address dynamically, which will change every time your modem reboots. The last person to use the IP address you're using now might have triggered the warning from Google. Try rebooting the modem to get a new IP address.

Third, it's possible your modem or router is infected with some kind of botnet malware. This is difficult to diagnose and fix, as there are countless different pieces of hardware you could have, with different firmware versions, different vulnerabilities, different capabilities, and different means of fixing. In some cases, there may be no fix, especially with really old hardware. If your network hardware is really old, consider replacing it.

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