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Block list removal request

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Hello there, 

Our users report to us that MalwareBytes is categorizing us as "RiskWare". We host cybersecurity competitions and technical skills labs, so there are a number of artifacts such as compiled binaries and network pcaps hosted on our site which may be the cause of the categorization. Our domain is cyberskyline .dot. com, what are the steps that we need to take to be removed from the block list?

Thanks for your attention in this matter!

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Domain is blocked because of these links:


VT scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/579e331780e17ab0938d2b87a37f2218bad11f8890e297e4082cbdf12e0d2fe7

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Hi @BjelakovicL, thanks for linking that. Yeah that's one of the artifacts that we host as part of a CTF, it's benign but it contains common malware code so that the users who are tasked with reversing it to identify what domain it's phoning home to (a fictitious one as well) can interact with something realistic. Any recommendations for our particular situation? I suppose we can host it on a separate domain but that seems like a counterintuitive approach as it could be seen as an evasive technique. 

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