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Malwarebytes disconnecting internet randomly


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I know I have reported this issue before, and I didn't clean install Windows since I don't have time for that.

At July, I had played around the malwarebytes settings. And i figured out, with Malware protection disabled, it doesn't happen anymore, but as soon as i re-enable it, the issue comes again. This usually happen when the system RAM is nearly full, and it was easly reproduceable so I was able to capture a video of it. After clean installed Malwarebytes, it's getting much better but does not mean the issue is not gone yet. Got this issue once or twice every month

Now I have got 32 GB RAM, and still getting this issue randomly even RAM at 50% usage, so it doesn't seems to be RAM related anymore. I had to quickly exit malwarebytes to prevent further errors with my running apps




And logs in attachment. Please make it only available to staff if possible as the logs might be sensitive


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Hello @hund

I'm sorry but you've had almost 8 months now to reinstall Windows. I know it's time consuming but look at all the time you've lost by living with the issues and ongoing problems. At most it takes less than an hour to reinstall Windows and install a few of your mainly used applications. Then perhaps a couple days to really customize and download other games, etc. In the long run though you have a well working system and don't have to deal with any issues like you've been living with. Simply backup your current data and reinstall Windows. Then restore back your own personal data and go forward.


Windows Defender keeps blocking and removing programs that are infected in some cases look to be hacks and cracks. I'm sorry but there simply is no way for us to help support your computer when it's broken.







Greg Carmack - MVP 2010-2020 -Clean Install Windows 10

How to Create a Local Account While Setting Up Windows 10



If you simply will not reinstall Windows then you can try the following but again there is no guarantee this will fix your issues. You really need to do a clean install of Windows.



Can you please do the following?

  • Download the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  • In your Downloads folder, open the mb-support-x.x.x.xxx.exe file
  • In the User Account Control pop-up window, click Yes to continue the installation
  • Run the MBST Support Tool
  • In the left navigation pane of the Malwarebytes Support Tool, click Advanced
  • In the Advanced Options, click the CLEAN button and follow the onscreen instructions to reinstall Malwarebytes
  • NOTE: Please have patience as it can take a while to remove and reinstall. The computer will restart to complete

If the tool does not automatically restart Windows then you'll need to manually restart on your own after the installation completes.

Thank you


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I know how to clean install. The problem is time, I don't have time to reinstall as i'm busy in life. I might as well clean install to Windows 11 when its getting stable. The simple solution to avoid this issue at this time is to disable malware protection and disable Windows Defender intergration to run both antivirus at the same time

What files are flagged this time? have you looked through the logs and got anything interesting? i don't remember much, but i have Wemod recently installed which i don't think it's related anyways.

I will try clean install Malwarebytes again. Should i try Repair system too?

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I'm sorry but again. You have been provided good advice on how to correct the issue. If you feel 8 months is not enough time to reinstall Windows that is up to you. No disrespect but there is no help I can provide that is going to magically fix your issues. The fix is reinstalling Windows and stop using cracked software and the issues will go away.


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You really don't believe it, and i really doubt whether you checked logs or not. And i'm sure cracking software are uninstalled. Wemod is not cracking software

Forgot to mention, at the same time i'm interested looking deeper to this issue to figure out what excatly caused it so i can know why. This is the only issue i'm getting on my system

But since you won't help, it's really pointless to get support here so goodbye. I'll solve myself. And i do consider to uninstall Malwarebytes since Windows Defender should be good enough now.

Close the thread now

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