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Reevaluate blocked domains

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oure customers are calling an telling us your brwoserplugin would block certain parts of oure website (pictures & cart). please reconsider blocking of the following domains:

  • westfalia.de
  • westfalia.eu
  • westfalia-versand.at
  • westfalia-versand.ch

these are e-commerce sites an not maleware or spam affiliated.

thank you in advance, Arndt

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I have compared behavior of Browser Guard against other products, and all found the domain in question to be acceptable.  I have whitelisted the tracker.  Due to some work that is happening behind the scenes here, this change may be delayed. I have been told that work should be complete by late afternoon Saturday (US West Coast time)...that would equate to late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning in Europe.  Please excuse that delay...it cannot be avoided (unless I got my change in at the very last minute).

Please note that your four ecommerce domains were not the issue...it was the tracker that all of them were using.

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  • 3 weeks later...

If the problem is still there AND they are have flushed their cache, I need to know how to reproduce the issue.  Providing screenshots of how it looks (in failure mode) as compared to how it should look would be of great value as well.  And finally, if an image is not displaying AND it is a single image consistently not being displayed, the filename of the image.  There are some that we block, but I need to know more about the failure in general.

I tried to create an account, but phone number validation tripped me up. Your website reverted to German as soon as it started to complain, so I will not be able to login to the site.

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