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update of payment card information : NOT WORKING


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Super annoyed with the entire system. Unable to reach 2checkout, unable to update my card payment on my malware account because you use 2checkout! And 2 checkout: phone number in valid! Can't even reach them! CHAT AND PHONE not working! Is this possible or what??

Phone: www.2co.com/call-center-support.php
Chat: www.2co.com


Now how on earth am I going to be able to renew my malware subscription???



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My Account information


If you need to make changes to your account that you're unable to then you may need to open a Malwarebytes Support Ticket and have one of the Agents assist you.

Note: It may take 3 to 5 workdays for support to reply to your ticket. Please do not create more than one ticket


In most cases depending on what your situation is 2checkout may or may not be able to assist you, but if needed here is the information below


International 24/7 Hotline
+31 880000008




Full phone list:  https://www.2co.com/call-center-support.html



Email is the bottom link:



Order - Transaction lookup



Thank you



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Well I discovered something new. Malwarebytes has to change their payment supplier as they are not in line with the new EU security regulations. Payments can no longer be done without BANK ID pop up that appears on mobile phones where the client is required to enter a password and a one time code to complete any online purchases. So i guess malwarebytes need to change from 2checkout to a another one that complies with these new EU regulations.

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