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Crashplan/Code 42 is blocked by Malwarebytes privacy even when whitelisting

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Even when whitelisting the app and the ports that it uses Crashplan for Small Business Version was still blocked and could not connect to its server unless I turn MB Privacy off. Crashplan for Small Business uses  ports 4244 and 4287 see 



 and the executable that I've whitelisted is : Code42Desktop.exe

Just wanted to let you know so that you could test if possible.

Does anyone have a workaround or more info, a fix, etc. or do we wait for a patch?


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I think I fixed it.

Try the network addresses listed here:


See the section titled "Code42 IP addresses" for the list of addresses that I allowed. As you know, I also allowed ports 4285 and 4287.

Also, please consider adding the ability to define a CIDR mask when entering a network address, or range of addresses to allow.

I was only able to add each network address listed here. I guess that they all defaulted to \24 behind the scenes in the app? If so, this is a small security hole since it's more then necessary in some of the ranges. You'll see when you look at the page.

Please test and verify that this is a solution. 

Please let me know what your engineering team finds out.


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Thanks for the update for the PC app. CIDR works fine.

However, I've had to uninstall the IPhone app because my SMTP server won't let me send email while it's on and there's no place to add an exclusion.

Is this something that you'll address in a later release or patch? If not then I guess I have to leave it off of my IPhone. 

My email domain is brighthouse.com




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@MSinBoca Regarding sending email while Privacy VPN is enabled on your iPhone, unfortunately there is not much we can do for that at the moment. We have a KB article here that provides some information and next steps if you'd like to review - https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047715693-Can-t-send-and-receive-emails-when-Malwarebytes-Privacy-is-on 

We are still researching adding additional features and adding a Bypass to the app is something that will be investigated but is not scheduled for some time out and I don't have an ETA to provide at the moment. 

I apologize for any inconvenience but please let me know if you have any further questions or if there is anything else I can do for you. Thank you!

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I've decided that at this time MB Privacy isn't for me. 

How can I unsubscribe to it?

I just paid the renewal, 30 something bucks, and would like a refund.

That would only be for Privacy, not for Malwarebytes Premium.

BTW this has nothing to do with support, there's just limitations in the product that don't make it efficient for me to spend an extra 30 bucks / yr on.


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