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Question: promotional discounts with multiple number of equipment per year


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The current promotion is good for very few days remaining.  Each purchase comes with a unique number. 

Question:  Does the unique number (like a license I guess)must always remain attached to a particular equipment.  Can a newly purchase of unique numbers be assigned to any computer. 

For instance if a computer breaks down and not to be used again, can a different computer come and tether to that unique number that had been assigned to the broken computer ?

In the end, I just want to know the versatility of unique numbers.


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Thank you, Porthos !

I have a new laptop not in use yet and a new tablet not in use yet.  I hope to have each up and running in two or three months.   Say I buy during current discount days (today and tomorrow only), does a 3-year license start moving down the calendar from the day I have received it?  Or is there a manner of activating it for some date in the future. ?

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11 minutes ago, deucy14 said:

does a 3-year license start moving down the calendar from the day I have received it

Yes, If I remember correctly. Especially id the key is active on any other device.

13 minutes ago, deucy14 said:

3-year license

I have never noticed a 3yr license. I have only seen 1 and 2yr ones.

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BTW.... I am sure it can be found on the web.  Would appreciate your opinion on how it stands relative others. 

My wife had been using a laptop....never downloading to speak of; never using Doc's to save things.  Keeps her desktop stable with respect to number of icons put there.  Internet and email are used frequently. She certainly is not in need for recent models, and I believe this one has been out for a few years (?)



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A big thanks to you Porthos !  I got a life time subscription when it was first offered.  Stickin' with MWB. 

BTW.. From what you had stated earlier--and what probably already happened as my currently used computer I believe inherited from whatever computer I had at that time--life time coverage is just that:  it carries on with replacement computers.  Am I missing anything ?

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