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mbgc.db.reputation removal request for www.kays.ch


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To whom it may concern,

the website "www.kays.ch" is blocked by your product "Browser Guard"

Could you please remove the Website from the database because there is no reason for blocking (false positive).

Could you also provide some information why the website is in your database?

Best regards



{"@timestamp": "2021-10-26T07:25:47.139Z", "message": "ANY: Just matched 'www.kays.ch' in database: mbgc.db.reputation.2", "level": "INFO"}
{"@timestamp": "2021-10-26T07:25:47.140Z", "message": "BTW: (URL_BLOCK) scam (malware-reputation) match found for https://www.kays.ch/ on https://www.kays.ch/", "level": "INFO"}
{"@timestamp": "2021-10-26T07:25:47.143Z", "message": "OM: (URL_BLOCK) Malware (malware) detection on https://www.kays.ch/. Redirecting to block page.", "level": "INFO"}

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Thank you for whitelisting the site "www.kays.ch".

But unfortunately the website is still blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard.

How long does it take until the whitelisting is active? Or was there a problem with the whitelisting?

Can you say why the website was blocked?

Thank you very much!

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