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Condo Website being blocked


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I run two websites for different condo associations of which I am a member. One site - www.riversedgecondoassociation.com - keeps generating a Browser Guard message that the site is being blocked due to trojan when a user attempts to navigate to a nested page (i.e., second level in the directory. I've discussed the problem with the host company, HOAExpress.Com, and they have investigated and have found no security issues on the website. They are saying it is a false positive (false detection) from Malwarebytes. They say they can't report the false positive on my behalf and directed me to contact Malwarebytes directly. The continued notices are starting to cause problems with some of our residents because they can't get to site pages they want to see.

The second site I run - www.villageattownecenter.com - which is also hosted through HOAExpress.com, does not have this problem.

Can you correct the false positive problem for me?

Below is the message that appears:

The full address is the browser Guard address bar reads: chrome-extension://ihcjicgdanjaechkgeegckofjjedodee/app/eventpages/block.html?referrer=null&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.riversedgecondoassociation.com%2Ffile%2Fdocument%2F4071617363%2Fpx1mMjajHGtEIWgU.pdf&host=www.riversedgecondoassociation.com&type=malware&subtype=trojan&tabId=75&filename=undefined
I have also attached my latest scan log.

Please help me.

Gary Tiffany

G Tiffany Malwarebytes log scan.txt

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