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My thanks to everyone at the Malwarebytes team, every regular on the support forums, Swandog46 and his program Avenger, and everyone who spends their time helping other people correct mistakes in the sometimes scary series of tubes we call the Internet. ;)

Malwarebytes really helped me when I made a stupid, lazy, and unthoughtful mistake on a work computer. Having been really helped out of a serious problem with the free version of the program, I would like to purchase the full version not only as my way or supporting the product and the team, but because I feel as though this is a solid piece of software that can be a serious, important tool in protecting my computer in the future. I just have one question before I purchase the license.

I'm planning on purchasing a new PC before the end of the year, but in the future I know I may pick up a netbook and who knows what my computing needs will be beyond that. Will I have to use the software on the PC I purchase the software, or will I be able to designate other PCs to receive the real-time support? This would definitely just be personal usage. If I am able to use it on multiple computers, is it just a matter of, like, installing the program and logging in with an identification? How would it work?

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Yep, that's the way to do it. Also, each license is good for life, no subscription fees so if one of your PC's fails and you don't want to fix it or you just get rid of it and replace it with a different computer you can move your license over. To do so, simply follow the instructions in this post and follow the directions for reinstalling it, but do so on your new PC.

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