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Browser Guard Extension for Mac


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5 hours ago, 1PW said:

Hello @iTzHazZx:

Please reply with:

  1. Safari version - Version 15.0 (16612., 16612)
  2. MBG extension version - 1.0.3
  3. What other Safari extensions are installed/active - None
  4. Please list two or three URLs that show a similar block -
     https://www.coastalpostalexpress.com / https://www.vivomarkt.com / https://www.tenovisonline.com
  5. Please try restarting macOS - Already done. I should down my Mac regularly

Thank you.

Thanks for getting back to me @1PW. Please see above answers to your questions. 

Source of suspicious URL's - 



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This is actually completely normal, because of how Apple allows Safari extensions to work. Safari extensions actually have absolutely no visibility into whether anything has been blocked, and thus cannot show anything. What Safari will show you is exactly what you're seeing, which is a less than ideal user experience that doesn't give you any information about why the page was blocked or what blocked it. Really, it's a truly abysmal experience, and Apple can and should do better, but it's all that is possible at this time. I have little confidence this will improve any in the near future, as it's been this way for several years now.

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@treed Thank you for your response. I totally agree with you in regards to the user experience side it’s not great. 

What I am struggling to understand is given your comments how “Safari extensions actually have absolutely no visibility into whether anything has been blocked, and thus cannot show anything. What Safari will show you is exactly what you're seeing”

Bitdefenders & Kasperskys equivalent product is able to show you a “blocked website” splash screen yet Malwarebytes is not able to do so. 

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If another product is able to show a custom "block screen," that means it's not a Safari content blocker. If it's a browser extension running in another browser, it can show such a screen (just as Browser Guard can in other browsers). If this is specifically within Safari, then the block is done differently, such as through a custom DNS server setting or a VPN. Or it's on a version of Safari that is several years old, where these restrictions didn't exist.

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Thanks for your comments @treed. I am using the latest version of Safari on my M1 MacBook Pro (Version 15.0 (16612., 16612) and can catagorically say that their traffic light extension is working correctly on Safari. I downloaded the free trial shortly before using posting my last comments as I was seeing what else is available out there.  

As you say I should imagine it is being run through a custom DNS or VPN as when the page is blocked I am redirected to Bitdefender sites with the last URL slapped on the page.

I better customer experience in my opinion but it's not really your fault more Apples for making it rather restrictive. There are other offerings available to end users such as myself however, I have found they either suck resources or are buggy. Malwarebytes Premium & Malwarebytes Privacy has been a good experience so far so cannot complain to much plus my work approve of the platform so even more happy. 

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