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Windows 7 on it's way

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vista was like Windows Millennium

7 seems to be promising, we will see the kinks down the line. ;)

I never could understand this attitude. The differences under the hood between Vista and 7 are negligable at best. If Vista sucked then 7 sucks period. If 7 is great now because hardware and software makers finally caught up with driver and software compatibility to Vista (if it works on 7, excluding XP Mode which is a VM, then it works on Vista :) ) then that just means that Vista doesn't have those issues that plagued it in its early days any more (the very same incompatibility problems that plagued XP aka Whistler when it was initially released for those that don't recall).

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Edition of Windows 7 Maximum memory

Starter (32-bit or 64-bit) 2 GB

Any 32-bit version of 7 4 GB (approximately 3.3 GB available for use)

Home Basic 64-bit 8 GB

Home Premium 64-bit 16 GB

Enterprise 64-bit 192 GB

Business 64-bit 192 GB

Ultimate 64-bit 192 GB

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That's pretty cool Ron :)

The oldest OS that I know that I used is Windows 95, that was our families first computer and I really liked it (I used the original Mozilla browser on it too). I know I must've used older ones in school as a kid, but I have no idea what the OS was. I used Mac's a lot in school too.

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I use it every day. I have it installed on 2 computers.

You are kidding me! :)

I was going to ask you whether I could buy it from you; you know have it as a piece of Microsoft history - the OS equivalent of steam trains!

Now what's your starting price, sir? Name yer price! :)

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No... I'm just joking. It runs from a 1.44 floppy and I've not actually ran it for probably at least a year or more.

Now, Mr Ron Lewis, you have just given me a crazy idea; since you obviously won't part with your beloved v.1.03 (:)). I'm going to have to go ebaying for it and perhaps a copy of v.3.11 to put on my laptop side-by-side (dual-booted) and see how it performs up against a 32-bit Vista. :)

How about a triple-booted system using something like NGBootIt? :)

You may have gathered I'm not quite my normal self; a caftiere of hot, strong, premium-grade filter coffee percolating through the brain cells should sort me out pronto...

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All this talk about older OS's makes me wanna get my parents old Windows 95 computer (they still have it up in the attic or something) and play around with it, but I don't know what I'd do with it or why I'd be doing it (not to mention I don't really have anyplace to put it). I just remember really liking Windows 95 :)

It came with a Windows 98 upgrade CD, and I tried installing it more than once, but it never worked right, the internet wouldn't work right, computer wouldn't work right, etc, so I was uninstalling it alot, and using the Windows 95 installation disk to wipe the drive and start over a lot too... lots of fun times :)

After reading around on this forum, now I know why it didn't work most likely - I was installing 98 on top of 95 instead of a clean install, which at the time being quite young I had no idea about any of that really.

I also used the original Mozilla browser (not Firefox) on that computer :) I remember liking that a lot.

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@ AdvancedSetup....do you consider the cost of a TechNet Plus subscription worth it?

Can anybody who has a current subscription give us an indication as to how useful and informative it is to you?

Having got over my bout of madness in desiring a copy of Windows 1.03 - you can now all breathe a sigh of relief. Sanity has taken over (for now :lol:)

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I have a Technet Plus subscription. I think for me it is quite useful. I do not go through all the DVD's but I like it cause I have all service packs without having to download them. Another cool thing, is I get beta copies of software for testing. I also get full versions of software for testing purposes.

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At $349 USD and Renew from $249 USD per year for TechNet Plus I'll pass.

That's about what I pay for a months rent and living on a pension does not leave much for the toys I like.

I think I'll fire up my old Win98SE system and see if it still works.

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