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Hello I didn’t see a reasoning when I made this forum about WiFi problems so I put another one and today my problem is I can’t seem to find my iqv6 sometimes when I do a what’s my ip it says ipv6 undetected but it’s weird because when I go to 2g it says the same but when I go back to 5G it sometimes pops up and I did a little more searching for tool to check it and one tool checked my ipv6 for stuff and it says something about it having some type of tunnel or that I’m using a vpn on ipv6 but I’m not connected to a vpn or it says I have some type of service on my router like a vpn and I have no clue of a vpn service on my WiFi or a tunnel so I was wondering if I can get help to resolve this problem.

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A iPhone I searched it up threw safari I originally searched it up because I wanted to check if I had ping back enabled on my router so I went to this website that has a pinger and it shows your ipv4 and 6 but I noticed that the ipv6 wasn’t there so that’s when I started to check my ip and stuff.

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Ok so it appears as if my ipv6 isn’t being detected sometimes when I go to these websites that show it like for example


That’s website shows ipv4 and ipv6 but it doesn’t for me and but sometimes it does appear so I checked https://test-ipv6.com/ to check if my ipv6 is having problems I have to reload it till my ipv6 appears but when it does it gives me an error saying that my ipv6 has tunneling or it might have a vpn but I don’t have any clue why it’s saying that so then I searched up why doesn’t my ipv6 show up on my home network and it says to disconnect and reconnect it because it might be a bug but that didn’t work i might have a little idea of why might be happening the router settings could be messed up but I need help because I don’t really know much about networking and I need to make sure that what’s happening isn’t  a threat because of future encounters I might have with hackers that leave me open to an attack or if I might be getting attacked already.

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This isn't something that would be the result or cause of any kind of attack.

Whether you've got IPv4 or IPv6 is determined by your network, and likely the source of the problem you're seeing is also coming from your network.  I'd recommend rebooting your router, and if that doesn't do the trick, contact the your internet service provider (ISP) and ask them about IPv6 issues.

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