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Microsoft Security Flagged


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I entered the Microsoft store to check some things on my account. I was already signed in. When I tried to open the Security block to update, Malwarebytes Brower Guard blocked it as a malicious site. It did the same when I tried to update my password. It also blocked when I clicked on Manage Devices.

I am using Edge as my Browser. I can only assume these were false positives, but for this to happen in the Microsoft store?????????

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You will need to send the Browser Guard log so I can see exactly what was blocked and why.  The JSONL that will be placed in your Downloads directory must be put into a ZIP file before you will be allowed to send it.



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When I opened the Microsoft store today and tried to open those pages, nothing was blocked by the Browser Guard. 

Unless the logs from yesterday were saved when the problem occurred then I guess we can mark this solved for the time being.

I am enclosing the JSNOL zip file that was generated today. Again, not sure that what happened yesterday are there.


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For whatever reason, that file downloads as a zero-byte file.  Did you create a ZIP file from the JSON file, or try renaming it?  Just trying to make sense of it.

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File came up as zero bytes again, so we're stuck there.  We did have a false positive on an icon file associated with Microsoft.  Whether it was affecting you is unknown.  In most cases, Browser Guard will show you a screen telling you what was blocked and why.  If you run into that issue again, please make a screenshot and send it to us.

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Thanks to @bjm for showing me he had a file when I didn't.  Turns out my Windows Explorer was doing anything but, then my computer hung when I tried to restart it.  My problems...not yours!

I looked the file over in my text editor, found nothing, and decided to dump it into Excel.  I found no blocks except for ads and trackers.  No malware at all.  I found a single reference to the "problem file" which I mentioned, but Browser Guard did not block it.  That was on September 22 at 4:03pm MST, which is later than your initial reports.  This log covers the time period Sept. 19 (7:55am) until Sept.22  (4:09pm).

I don't have any good guesses here.  I will ask the developer to see if a second set of eyes finds anything I missed.

By the way, the second file you uploaded is 75% the size of the first one.  The first one still comes up as zero bytes for me now.

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OK. Thanks again for looking this over for me. Again, I'm not having any problems with any blocking on the Microsoft Store at this time so whatever happened must have been a one day glitch. If it occurs again I know what file I need to send and how.  Unless you find something, I'll consider this closed.

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