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.rme ransomware decryption tools

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Hi, @Sam_Mason    :welcome:

Sorry to read this.  Please know that Malwarebytes has no decrypter.

Please look on your Documents folder & or Desktop for some file with named like "Readme"   and attach a copy.

Tell me, did this pc have installed before this happened, the Premium Malwarebytes for Windows ?

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Note:  Some of the "ransom note" files can have names similar to

  • README.txt
  • Readme to restore your files.txt
  • Decryption instructions.txt
  • Files encrypted!!.txt


Look for similar names on Desktop & under Documents

On first thoughts, this here seems to be a new variant of Cysis / Dharma ransomware

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Please be sure to read this technical article on Malwabytes Blog about "ransom.crysis"

As noted before, we cannot recover any of your encrypted files.  We have no magical tool.  Malwarebytes has no decrypter.
You could recover your damaged files from a offline backup ( that you had made from before this ransomware incident). Offline backup is your friend.
Do you have a old offline backup of your machine?

Is Malwarebytes for Windows installed on this machine ?

Please download, install, update and do a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes and post back the log

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Hello.  I hope you are doing well.

Nomoreransomware has good general information about ransomware
That site also has a CryptoSherrif section where you can upload one of your files for analysis to ID the ransomware family

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