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Pathagoras - Word document assembly add-in


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Word crashes with the Pathagoras add-in when Exploit Protection is turned on. When Exploit Protection is turned off, Word launches and Pathagoras works. See attached. 

After Word is launched, if I turn Exploit Protection back on, some Pathagoras functions work and others cause Word to crash. See attached. 

2021-09-15 Malwarebytes exploit report.txt 2021-09-15 Malwarebytes exploit report - after Word is launched and exploit protection turned back on.txt

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  • Staff

Please note that exploits in the wild are actively using this technique. Please be careful not to open any Word docs from the Internet (downloads, attachments, phishing, etc.) if you've disabled this setting. The chances of becoming infected with this setting disabled is HIGH if you open docs from the Internet.

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I appreciate the prompt responses. I upgraded from 4.4.6 to 4.4.7. When launching Word, Malwarebytes still causes a crash when Office VBE7 is enabled. HOWEVER, if VBE7 is disabled for launch and then enabled after Word is launched, there is no crash after Word has launched. This is satisfactory for me while I wait for the issue to be resolved. But it will not work for the rest of the office - the people most likely to receive and click on an infected attachement.  Your continuing efforts to resolve the issues are appreciated. 

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