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Crypt0Locker Ransomware Help

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Hello, This ransomware attack is not very recent but has withheld very important files such as cv's and pictures and I would like to get them back.

I believe I have removed the Malware/Ransomware on my laptop but im not completely sure.

Below I have attached The TXT file I received in every folder after all my pictures got encrypted.

If there is anyway I can retrieve these encrypted files I would be overjoyed I tried a free unlocking software but it did not work however worked for a friend of mine.

If you can help with decrypting just one file or picture I would be greatly indebted to you, If yu are reading this and you are willing to help me I would like to say thank you very much if it fails or not for attempting to help.


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Hello   :welcome:

Please see this article at Bleepingcomputer about the ransomware


[that ransomware goes back to the middle of the last decade.]


also see https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/239/ransomware-help-tech-support/

Please know that Malwarebytes has no decrypter for ransomware.

Please also know that ransomwares self-delete once they have encrypted user files.


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Also see this article at Bleepingcomputer forum
"Crypt0L0cker & TorrentLocker Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ"



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Hello.  I hope you are doing well.

Nomoreransomware has good general information about ransomware
That site also has a CryptoSherrif section where you can upload one of your files for analysis to ID the ransomware family

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