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VPN suddenly not allowing Mail, OneDrive, Quicken, or web sites to load


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I downloaded and installed 2.01 about a week ago on my Mac mini running the latest OS. It worked ok. Sometimes I have to turn off the VPN to get mail.

I came home this evening and I could not load Quicken. No new mail was showing (but I knew I had a bunch from reading on my iphone). I couldn't get to any web site. One Drive was not working.

I turned off VPN and I received all mail,  quicken loaded, got to all the web sites, one drive worked.

I went to turn back on VPN to test and it said "Disconnecting..." and frozen.

I rebooted. VPN started. Mail would open but not load. Firefox would open but not load a page. One Drive could not log in. I turned  off VPN and it all loaded up.

I have a support email into Malwarebytes. I guess I just expected a VPN to work and not lock everything out. why has it mostly worked all week and tonight it is different?

What is the sense of having a VPN if I have to turn it off to do everything?

I can't find any support that recommends anything. My silly analogy is a car forcing you to unfasten your seat belt when you want to make a sharp turn doing 90mph. That is when you want the protection the most.. (Of course you probably should not do this in the first place.) But with a VPN, I should be able to get mail, log into quicken, go to web sites, use one drive and do everything else.

Should I cancel the subscription? If I did, would they give the money back after less than a week?

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Can you try the following:

  1. Open the System Preferences app
  2. Click the Network icon
  3. In the list on the left side of the window, find Malwarebytes Privacy and select it
  4. Click the minus [-] button at the bottom of the list to remove it
  5. If you see more than one Malwarebytes Privacy item in the list, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each one
  6. Quit System Preferences
  7. Click the Apply button when asked to apply the changes
  8. Open the Malwarebytes Privacy app
  9. Try to connect to the VPN
  10. Allow the VPN configuration to be installed

Let us know if that fixes the problem. If not, we'll need to collect more information.

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On 9/10/2021 at 10:56 PM, mbelofsky said:

It asks "MalwarebytesPrivacy" would llke to filter Network Content  All network activity on this Mac may be filtered or monitored.

I said allow. Is that the correct choice?

If you've got the Kill Switch option turned on, yes. That network filter is required to make the kill switch work.

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