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Please help remove malicious 'Hidden Network' setup on my system.

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Also an update on the Hidden Network.  My ISP even sent out a repairman over it.  They say they NEVER have seen this in any of their customers.  They said it is NOT from their router and is not a setting they have.  I even contacted the Plume wifi manufacturer and they said they have never heard of this and it is not normal.  The ISP says it is an infection on my PC and there is nothing they can do about it because it is not caused by them.

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Ok do the following:
  • Right click on the C:\ drive, select Properties
  • select Sharing tab, and click on Advanced sharing. Provide administrator password only if prompted.
  • Check box Share this folder option, and click on Permissions options.

Take a screenshot of that window and attach to your reply...
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Just seen your reply with the latest update on Hidden Network, your ISP and their repairman really need to get extra training. The network entries you see listed are not on your PC, that is a downright impossibility. The listed entries are all broadcasts either from routers within reach of your wifi card or from your own router. The hidden network cannot connect to your PC unless you allow it by entering your network name rosa420, then the password....

Regarding the permissions I asked about, they are correct and at default level...

Back to the CBS log, since the fresh install has there been any windows updates completed..?

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Yes there have been many Windows updates and is now fully up to date with only 2 optional drivers available for download.

And yes their repairman didnt know anything.  He tried to say it was the neighbors, and I had to explain to him how I have already determined its not.  I showed him when I unplug the modem/router my network and the hidden network both disappear.  I told him someone I know online fixed their hidden network issue by access their modem/routers page and there was settings for it.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  He replaced my plume wifi pod, but claimed it could not be caused by the modem, so he didnt want to replace the cable modem.  When changing the plume wifi pod didnt fix it, he shrugged and suggested I "google it".  I think I will contact them again on Monday and request a new modem just so I can see if that makes a difference.

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