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The Malware.Heuristic.100X detection names come from a new aggressive heuristic which detects malformations in PE headers which are typically found in malware and viruses. If a file or application is detected as Malware.Heuristic.100X it does not necessarily mean that the file is malicious. It simply means that it's PE structure is similar to that of malware and viruses.

This setting, which can be found under ["Settings > Security > Expert systems algorithms"], is OFF BY DEFAULT.

You should only enable this aggressive heuristic if you suspect your computer has a malware infection which is not detected regularly by Malwarebytes, and want to run a more paranoid scan.

If you have enabled this aggressive heuristic on purpose or by accident, and Malwarebytes detects some of your legitimate files or applications as Malware.Heuristic.100X, you should either:

  1. Disable the Expert Systems Algorithms setting
  2. Add your detected files to the Malwarebytes exclusions ["Settings > Allow List"]



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