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Malwarebytes Privacy for Mac not working


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Hello @gpoumakis and :welcome:

I personally have been successfully using Malwarebytes for Mac Premium and Malwarebytes Privacy for Mac since betas and introduction.

Since this is a Labor Day weekend in the U.S.A., forum support from Malwarebytes staffers for Malwarebytes Privacy on a macOS device may be delayed till next week. However, perhaps you wouldn't mind trying an orderly uninstall followed by a fresh install of version 2.0.1 using the following procedures:

Please insure that your Malwarebytes Privacy for Mac License Key is recorded separately from the app.



To uninstall Malwarebytes Privacy, you must quit the app first.

  1. To make sure you successfully quit the app, begin by opening Malwarebytes Privacy.
  2. In the menu bar, click Malwarebytes Privacy
  3. In the dropdown menu, click Quit Malwarebytes Privacy. 
  4. See section Use the Finder to delete an app in the article How to delete apps on your Mac.


Clean Install:

The following link will assist in the download, install and activation of the release version 2.0.1:

Install and activate Malwarebytes Privacy on a Mac (NOTE - Steps 10 through 15 are particularly important.)

After thoroughly testing the clean re-install, please reply to this topic with your results.

Thank you.





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