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Internet (lan) not working after quarantine of files listed in malware scan

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Yes, I am still with you. I can't do things this fast. I need at least a week for every step. I can't get all my work done on my own, and Saturday's there is usually some one who is able to do this thing for me. So tomorrow we can carry out the instructions written last Saturday. I have to say though that I am horribly frustrated with the program malwarebytes. We spend hours and hours trying to get this issue fixed now. I really appreciate that Malwarebytes continues to help us solve this problem, and the effort Malwarebytes puts in that.  The program Malwarebytes though, I will never ever run it again on any of my computers,  because of the risk that Malwarebytes damages one of my computers the way it did.  

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Hello.  These are additional notes, beyond those I had posted before on OCT 2nd on this link

Again, I regret the LAN issue you have encountered.  Though I have to mention that It is not a thing caused by anything from the Malwarebytes app.

NOTE about what Malwarebytes had found & Quarantined on Septembr 3 were several items tagged as HackTool.KMS & RiskWare.AutoKMS
Mainly in sub-folder C:\ProgramData\KMSAutoS
It seems to me these were related to the weird / rogue app you mentioned way at the start "TAP provider v9 for private tunnel network".


These here are some additional things to look at.

I'd like for you to take one-time actions to power off your PC and any powered printers attached & then power off your hardware router.
Start by Shutting down Windows, and powering off your PC.  Then power Off the hardware router. Also, turn off the Hub or Switch for your 'network' ( if any).
Then wait for one minute.
Then power up in reverse order.  First get the router powered up.  Then your Hub or switch for the Network. Wait for a minute.
Then power up PC  and then get Windows started.

Go to Start menu > Settings, then select Network and Internet
In the left navigation pane, select Status to make sure you're viewing the network status window.
Then select "View your network properties".   Review those settings.
Then go back & select "Network and Sharing Center".
Review the settings there.

Related to Network and Sharing center, see Guide to Windows 10 Network and Sharing Center


Edited by Maurice Naggar
added notes
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Hereby a more detailed discription of the network. The lan consists out of a tp-link switch, a fritzbox modem and there are several laptops, a desktop and a Nas connected to the cable network. There is a wireless network as well. This pocket pc normally connects to the wired network by a usb interface. It can still connect to the wireless network, but no longer to the wired network. Another pocket pc still can connect using the same method.  


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You report that another pocket-pc does work with the LAN.  I would urge that you look at that unit's LAN configuration properties & its IP choices ( settings).  Write them down.  And compare that to the other unit that is having issue.

That is to say, Look at the settings on the working unit  and set the other one to the same.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi, due to being ill last Saturday I am working on the problem today. (I am helping Johanna working out this problem). I have checked the settings on the other device, they seem to be the same, the only differences I could find were:  The driver on the not working device was much newer, 2019 instead of 2006. And the name of the controller is slightly different. The working one has Realtek USB Gbe family controller, the not working one has a Realtek USB FE family controller. All the other settings seem to be set the same way. The FE version has less advanced properties, but the ones that are the same on both devices are set in the same way. So this didn't help me much, but maybe it helps you figuring it out. 

When you say shutting down the pc, switch and router, do you also mean shutting down any other PC's and devices on the network? Also disconnect them? I did shut down the pocket PC, the router and the switch, but there is also another PC connected to the router by cable and a laptop by wifi. And there is a NAS in the network too. I can disconnect them all, but that takes some time and meanwhile other people in the house might not be able to continue their work. So we would have to pick a good time for that, if at all necessary?  

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2 hours ago, Johanna said:

The working one has Realtek USB Gbe family controller, the not working one has a Realtek USB FE family controller.

Double check again the model of the network card on the computer and double check with Realtek support to see that it has the proper driver  ( software driver)  and properly installed  and properly set with the proper IP addresses.  I encourage you to get help from the Support of the hardware maker.

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Additional tip:
As I have mentioned before, it is incumbent on you to verify the manufacturer-name and model of the network card on this computer.
To that end, you will find this next article to be helpful.
"How do I find what network card and network I'm using"  https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000500.htm

The first goal is to verify the brand, the model of the network adapter, and its description.
The next goal is to see and verify that it has the latest software driver from its manufacturer.

As to some other troubleshooting tips, also see "Basic network troubleshooting"

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