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Problem with Argus monitor tool my nas drives newer spin down during idle


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Dear All

I recently purchased Argus monitor. But i soon found out that using this tool my western digital red nas drives newer spin down during idle time. After some reading i figured out that Argus monitor uses s.m.a.r.t to read out information from the diskdrives every 300 seconds. To bad for me this way i cannot use argus monitor to increase case fan use by monitor harddisk drive temperature. I switched to manual control and hoped by disabling all smart features that this would solve my harddisk spin down problem. However this is not the case my harddisks won't spin down after 10 minutes of idle time unless  I shutdown argus monitor.

Is there any way to keep using argus monitor and make sure argus monitor is not keeping my nas drives busy all the time.





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Hello @victor1701 and :welcome:

Respectfully, I would immediately ask for a full refund. I never wish to withhold a developer their due. However, $12USD/1-year is a bit much (but not ridiculous) to pull-up the SMART every 5 minutes (way too frequent IMHO) only to over-react with a HDD spin-down. Although the utility does much more, the money would be much better spent on a possible RAM upgrade and certainly a mass storage upgrade to SSD(s).

After the refund, then ask if any fixes are pending for their next release after v6.0.01 that addresses the HDD spin-down shortcoming. From what I can deduce, the Internet has totally free utilities that match Argus Monitor.

As informative and pleasing you may find the Argus GUI, you will soon likely loose interest and get on with life. As to controlling the various fans permitted, the manufacturers do a fairly good job without external assistance. It's actually helpful to listen for fans that speed-up because of harmful software interaction. Again, IMHO, I believe Argus Monitor is legitimate, thorough but a bit over-engineered.


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