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A site that didn't detected as scam by Malwarebytes Browser Guard

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So i was in a game called Roblox and i was in a popular group called The Flamingo Fan Club which has over 7M+ Members In that group, i saw a girl named tiffany_624 which is a random girl, right? Wrong. She sented a link that has scam in it on that popular group, so everybody else can see it. By the way, there is a bunch of sites like this but i can't remember anyways. Detect this site as a scam in Malwarebytes Browser Guard: maxbucks.online

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That site is making people actually go in there because there is a bunch of emails containing the ''@yahoo.com'' makes 100,000-300,000 robux and that is not someone gives it to any person or extremely rarely giving it. Also there must be Roblox 'Usernames' instead of the e-mails. (By the way, 100,000 Robux is a lot. There is a developer exchange that 100,000 Robux equals 350 dollars.) Thank you so much for blocking it so nobody wastes their time to get nothing anymore.

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it's possible that you don't have "malwarebytes browser guard" set to block suspicious top level domains. that setting is disabled by default. you have to manually enable it yourself.

some people complained about TLD's being blocked so malwarebytes gave people the option of enabling it or not.

incidentally, on my computer, with "block suspicious TLD's" enabled, "maxbucks.online" IS blocked.

also, if you use the "ublock origin" browser-extension, you can create your own custom rule to block the "online" TLD (top level domain), if you want to. 





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