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Email notifications not arriving

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Hi guys,

We are using OneView and I've just added a new computer to it. I ran a Scan & Quarantine on this new machine (a terminal server) and it found 40+ items. I never got an email notification about the detections, but my boss did. I looked in Nebula on the company site and everything is ticked for notifications, yet still no email.

Any idea why I am not getting the emails but my boss is? We both use the same email system.

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Hello @AlexLeadingEdge

Are you using Endpoint Protection or another product?

I'm not on the business support team, but I've done Enterprise Network Support for almost 30 years. If you are both using the same email account, just opened on another system then it should have no bearing to the application.

Check and verify IMAP or caching, or some type of mail filtering or rule you may have on your client that your boss may not have.

If using the same account and no security filtering, blocking, etc. then both mailboxes should show 100% the exact same emails.

What type of domain environment and mail system are you using?

If still having an issue after checking these things out the please let me know and I'll see if I can get someone to follow up here tomorrow. It's quite late here on the West Coast.



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Ah, my fault. I read this "We both use the same email system. " and thought you meant the "same" account. @AlexLeadingEdge


Please see if one of these articles help or not. I'll see if I can get someone to assist here tomorrow if possible, but you might want to create a ticket just in case.






Set email notifications in Malwarebytes Nebula

Did not receive Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection emails


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