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Malwarebytes Security for Android 3.8 beta

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At long last, we're working on an update to our Android Security app. Version 3.8 is in the Google Play beta channel as we speak. It is open to anyone who wants to participate, but we ask that you please read the following information about what has changed and how to participate in the beta.
What's new in the next 3.8 Android Security release:
* Updated Google Billing library
* Added a function to restore a canceled subscription before it expires
* Block access to premium services, if an account is on hold because of a payment issue.
* Added diagnostics mode to help customer
* Additional logging added to help diagnose customer issues
* Bug fixes and small improvements
How to participate in the Open beta testing:
0. If you have Mobile Security installed on your phone - please uninstall it first.
1. Go to Google Play and search for the Malwarebytes Security application or follow the link from your device https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.malwarebytes.antimalware
2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Join the beta" section. Tap the "Join" button
3. You will see the "Joining beta.." message. It may take several minutes up to an hour to join the beta program.
4. Once GP added you to the Beta program you will see the message "You're a beta tester..." message on the top, updated "What's new section" for the beta release and and "Install" button
5. Install the application. Launch it and check the version number on the About screen. It should display
6. In case the update does not work, remove the application from the device and install it again, you should get the beta version from the start.
7. You can leave the beta program anytime by tapping the "Leave" button on the apps page in the Google Play
Known issues:
The app may crash if it is updated over the existing 3.7 installation. Solution - remove the 3.7 version first and then install the beta version. The team is already investigating the issue.
How to give feedback:
If you find a bug, crash, or strange behavior, please create a new topic on this forum with information about what happened. Make sure to include:
1. Title (brief summary of the issue)
2. Steps to reproduce
3. Reproduction rate: always, sometimes, one-off
4. Any additional data: Screenshots, Diagnostic mode enabled logs
5. Device information: model, android version
6. For any licensing issues please DO NOT POST your license key number! If we need it, we'll contact you directly
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